New Joys and Old Frustrations

I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t had much of a chance to catch up, so here is the scoop:

Lillith arrived on Monday. I had purchased her from Laurie at Black Lamb in Port Hope when she was at the Knitter’s Frolic. I got some extra bobbins because, well I have the attention span of a 2 year old and can’t commit to spinning something for too long.

Remember the sweater that I was knitting in the round from I kept dutifully knitting, past the provisional cast on for the sleeves, on to 53 stitch repeats between the pinwheels and cast off over 300 stitches last night. I thought I’d try it on before I did the crochet edging and much to my dismay I found that the only person that it would look good on was Quasimodo. I do not have a hump, nor do I wish to look as if I do. I frogged the freakin’ thing before I even took a picture (such was my disgust). It’s a shame because the way the James Brett Marble was knitting up was making a beautiful pattern. This yarn has been in my stash for 3 years now and has tried to be 4 different things. I’m starting to think there’s a hex on it!

One month of knitting time shot to hell. We shall not speak of it again. I have moved on to other projects (which doesn’t involve the knitting of something that resembles a bulls-eye on my back).

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