I’ve had it with the freakin’ spam

I can’t take it anymore. I do not have a private member that needs enlarging. I am personally happy in my love life and my credit score is no one’s business.


I had a pretty good handle on the spam thing until the last few weeks when I have been inundated with track back spam. What broke the damn was when in one day I received two particularly vile trackbacks…one advertising how to commit suicide with a certain drug and one that advertised rape.

Not on my blog mister.

So, since godaddy.com (where this blog is hosted) refuses to do anything about it, I’m looking into relocating to a new host. Does anyone have any they’d like to recommend?

Thanks for being patient as I work this through. I believe it’s important that we take a stand against spammers and if a loss of business is what it takes for some web hosting companies to wake up, so be it.

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One thought on “I’ve had it with the freakin’ spam

  1. It is frustrating, indeed. I’m sorry I don’t know any hosts. I have some blogger friends who check the comments before publishing them.
    I hope you get this problem solved soon.

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