No, I’m not dancing, it’s too damn hot for that. But I am knitting up some Colinette Jitterbug that I got on the yarn crawl.

It is becoming my first ever toe-up sock. I am  using Wendy Johnson’s pattern and so far so good. Since I hate grafting, this seemed like a good idea.

I’m finding that I’m able to get a lot more knitting done on these because of the new KnowKnits bag that I bought on the yarn crawl (yes I forgot to take a picture of this too….). It’s supposed to be puncture proof (can’t tell you how many times I’ve stabbed myself with needles sticking out of bags). I did have one come through the seam, but that was a sewing thing not a fabric thing.

It hooks on your belt loop and is about 8″ long. Perfect for subway knitting. I’ve done most of the sock on the subway (once I had the toe figured out) and if I’d have been waiting for time at home to knit, it would never be done.

I’ve also started spinning the Louet silk/merino. I truly loves me this roving. If I could spin with nothing but, I’d be so happy….sadly the budget doesn’t stretch for that (almost $30 for 250g)

Clancy’s favourite new toy is a wind up sheep that I bought on the yarn crawl. You pull the pink ball of wool and it wiggles around the floor, causing no end of jumping and munching. 

Good times have been had by all with purchases made on the yarn crawl

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5 thoughts on “Jitterbug anyone?

  1. Ohhh, Jitterbug, I believe thats the one that Jamie was coveting but alas she had already blown her budget so Stephanie had to distract her with something less costly to Jamie’s marriage!! Looks like your going to have to buy your own sheep, now that Clancy has yours!

  2. Yes this is the same one

    Somehow the bait and switch ended up in my hands…lol

    It’s really nice and works up wonderfully defined stitches. Tell Jamie to save her pennies – it’s worth it. (although she may have to fight me for it!)

  3. Hi Sherri,

    Is the pouch the same or better than the one available through Knitpicks? I was thinking about ordering one at Monday from Knitpicks so I can knit during soccer games…

    Thanks – Kay

  4. It’s definately more portable – perfect for a pair of socks, but nothing much bigger. I love it love it love it.

  5. Am totally in love with the bag too. Bought at the yarn crawl as well. It went to Quebec with me for Chicklet’s school trip and much sock knitting was done…if only i didn’t rip the sock out thrice to get it going right…but that is another story. Is a great bag. went into several sights of Quebec…will blog about it soon. All in all the bag is a great addition to the stitching paraphernalia in my collection!

    Jitterbug looks great too!

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