I might have slipped…

I went to the Woodstock Fleece Festival yesterday with some friends. I swore up and down I was not coming home with a fleece.


But in my defense….this is the brother of the fleece I bought last year. That sheep was named Minute – she was so wee when she was born they didn’t think she’s last a minute..I thought I’d written about minute, but apparently I haven’t. Will have to fix that!

This is her baby brother. He is a  BFL x BL Corriedale which in English means his father was a Bluefaced Leicester and his mom was a Border Leicester/Corriedale cross. This fleece has the most beautiful lock formation and crimp.This fleece is 2.5 lbs, and if it is anything like Minute’s fleece will have very little wastage. I have to finish spinning Minute first, but I’m looking forward to her brother (who sadly had no name and was shipped out for meat). Of course Angus was into it right away and I had to hide it very well.


I also picked up some brushed Lincoln – only 4 oz so not sure what I’ll do with that – perhaps a hat?


I didn’t do many yarn purchases as those I can do anywhere, and I’m watching my budget very closely. When I go to festivals I look for things I can’t get in my LYS. This was a new brand of yarn from the makers of Fleece Artist. It’s an interesting concept, but in truth, it was 1) the colour and 2) the fact that it was from Nova Scotia that made it jump in my basket.


It was a chilly day, but I had my new scarf to keep me warm. This is a bias knit using 2 skeins of each colour of Debblie Bliss Donnegal. I’ll try to get a better picture at some point. I have become addicted to bias knitting lately. Brain dead knitting that keeps my fingers going. That’s all I’m capable with the Blue Jays in the playoffs.


A great surprise to me was when my sister Karrie showed up. I only get to see the family about twice a year, so this was sweet – even if it was only for a few minutes.