My friend Shannon made my new banner and new button. I’m totally lovin’ it. Not only did she capture my recent infatuation with orange, she played on my obsession with sheep. (For those who don’t work with me, my prison cell cubicle is decorated with sheep. All sorts, all sizes. Sheep as far as the eye can see. Oh and pictures of Clancy.

I’ve convinced Shannon to let me make this offer – if you’re interested in a banner for your blog/site, let me know and I’ll hook the two of you up so you can discuss mutual commerce ideas. I’ve taught her to crochet, and am proud to say that I’ve enabled her stash habit…she totally gets the obsession thing (although I think like my other friend Kathleen, she’s a bit afraid in awe of of my stash enhancement ability). Email me at stashaholic @ (remove spaces).

She’s one cool hooker, along with being very bendy (she’s a Hatha yoga instructor)

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