I’ve been “off the air” for a couple of weeks because of two deaths – one
expected, one sudden.

First, my laptop

Note the tape over the alt button. The CD drive became temperamental months
ago, and to make it work, you had to stand on your left foot, put your right hand on your head and rub your tummy with your left hand. I needed to reformat the beast, but since it was throwing a temper tantrum a two year old would be impressed with, I went to the back up computer.

Yup, it died too. Two days after I had transferred all of my files (including 6 GB of patterns). Never have I valued the fact that I bought an external hard drive as a backup as much as I have in the last two weeks.

So with much gnashing of teeth, I bit the bullet and plunked down all of the money (plus some plastic money) that I had been saving for the DSLR I wanted.

I must say though that I am ridiculously pleased with the result. Although all the keys are in different positions, because I use an external keyboard it’s not bad. Oh and a 17″ monitor? A blessing for my 42 yr old eyes.

Look – no tape on the alt key! But the same messy desk – I spared you the
horror by cropping it.

So how did I keep busy? Spinning baby, spinning.

I have fallen madly in love with Pigeonroof Studio fibres. This one is a merino/alpaca blend and it makes me happy just to look at it. Run, don’t walk…seriously…set up an alert for their updates – they disappear within minutes once she uploads.

Even though I’m supposed to be spinning my sweater, I can’t put this down for
more than 10 minutes without hearing its siren song.

I did manage to start a new crochet project, and this time my hands are
cooperating. No pain (of course I’ve just given the Fibre Gods ammunition).

This is the Ridge Swing Cardigan from Interweave Crochet. It looks like a bra, but trust
me, even Dolly’s “girls” wouldn’t fit in it. A very interesting construction technique is being used and I am enjoying working on it. I’m doing it in Galway so my gauge had to change – down to a 4.5mm hook.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been impressed with crochet designs, but if
anyone can move the craft forward, it’s Interweave. I liked the issue so much
that I’ve actually subscribed now. Interweave is my favourite magazine publisher
– I get Knits, Spin-off, and now Crochet. Well done folks. Well done.

Well, we’re off to buy our fixin’s for Thanksgiving Dinner. One of the benefits of living with a chef is the fact that I don’t have to cook a turkey. But the dishes…oy!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone – I know that I am truly blessed to have even one
person who is interested in my ramblings. Thank you for making me a part of your

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3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Sherri. I am having 11 people here tomorrow for dinner & I just finished making one of the dishes. I’ve been going at it (including house cleaning) for 3 days now. It is exhausting….but rewarding. I get leftovers, earn brownie points with my friends and relatives, and get left with a CLEAN HOUSE!! It’s definitely worth the effort.

    It makes me happy to know that you are so ‘in’ to spinning. Doing all these ‘back to the earth’ type things links us to those that went before us. I think of all the (for the most part) ladies who spun, wove, knit, crocheted, cooked, etc., out of necessity, but yhopefully, somewhere buried deep down, for some of them it was a chance to show their stuff and to bring them a feeling of accomplishment & happiness. Long live the needle arts.


  2. I always enjoy your ramblings.

    I’ve never thought of “back to the earth” type things as a link to all those who went before us. But it’s a great connection and one I make every time I pick up my knitting needles. Spinning puts me in mind of hearthside in a small cottage while the wind blows against the shutters.

  3. Congratulations on the new computer, despite the losses. What a drag. I love cropping; I wish I could do it in real life.

    Happy Thanksgiving. You gave me a start for a minute there, but no, I still have at least a month before I need to start baking. Phew.

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