Well my beloved Argentina lost today to Germany. I hate the penalty kicks, but then I don’t like shootouts in hockey either. Seems kinda silly to play that hard for that long and decide the game on a single player. What’s the point of having a whole team…why not just kick balls at the poor goalie for 90 minutes.

OK, I’m done my rant.

I’m also done my Knitting World Cup sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Knit

After getting red carded and re-knitting the front piece three times, I wasn’t sure if I’d finish on time, let alone a week early! It’s just as well because I’m heading out for the Canada Day long weekend and didn’t want this hanging over me.

So, what did I learn while doing this sweater?

1) don’t try to knit and watch gorgeous men at the same time

2) I don’t really suit timed knitting events – I have too short an attention span. So many other projects beckoned me that I was tempted to throw in the towel (and the sweater) more than once

3) I don’t like the Mary Maxim Starlette yarn. I thought I would because it’s very soft. The fact that I got it for 50% off didn’t hurt either. But I don’t think this sweater will have a long shelf life – it’s prone to piling because the yarn didn’t have a tight enough twist.

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