Demented Easter bonnet

I can’t believe how freakin’ cold it is today – thank goodness I don’t have any little ones that want to go on egg hunts. I guess we got spoiled with some +10 degree weather, and it makes it even harder to go back to the -10 it is right now.

I consoled myself by starting a new project. I was snorkeling around and came across this sweater from Elann. I had some James Brett Marble in the stash which will do nicely. I cast-on on Friday night and so far have about 8″ of the centre circle done.  It does kinda look like a demented Easter bonnet doesn’t it?


I have to admit I’m having quite a bit of pain in my hands and arms. I’ve had tendinitis for 20 years now and have learned how to cope with it with physio, massage, acupuncture, rest, ice/heat combos and NSAIDs. Unfortunately it seems to have taken a particularly nasty turn in the last few weeks. Now I have shooting pains from my wrist down the inside of my middle finger. I’m used to the numbness in my hands, but the pain is getting worse. I’ve switched my mouse to the left hand and although I feel like the most spastic person on the planet, it does help a bit.

I’ve been tested for carpal tunnel twice now and both times have come up negative. I’m going back to the dr. on Monday and ask for a referral to a specialist. The last time I got it checked out, they told me to find a job that doesn’t use my hands. And what exactly would that be? Any suggestions?

Sheesh. I’m a webmaster for crying out loud. My hands are my livelihood. I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop crafting for a while….that will make for one unhappy stashaholic.

But I could still dye roving – maybe open a business?

3 thoughts on “Demented Easter bonnet

  1. I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I hope you’ll feel better soon. I think it’s funny you’re doing the pinwheel sweater. I have been thinking about making that but I have to finish some projects first. It definitely is on my to do list.

  2. Thanks Rochelle. It seems to come and go – worse in the morning.

    I’m enjoying the sweater so far…except I got so excited during the Leafs game tonight that I miscounted, so I have to frog a row tomorrow.

    Oh well, it was worth it…Go Leafs Go!

    (I bleed blue in case you hadn’t guessed).

  3. I had the same pain last year – went to my chiro first and he said it was originating from my neck. My sister started having the same problem this year – she is a bookeeper – lots of bending of the neck for her! Try suggesting that to your doctor. Hope you feel better – no knitting is not good!

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