Day 2 of the Shawl Project

Phew! This sucker is going to take the full month I fear. Wee tiny yarn, plus an inability to concentrate on my part leads to much frogging! I had to rip out two entire rows. Normally this isn’t a problem, but when you consider that the foundation row had 354 chains and I’m using a size 3.0 hook, you can quickly see why it’s going to take a while to finish this.

I thought I’d post photos as I go. Here’s a perspective on how small the yarn is (for those who don’t know how small sock yarn is)

and here’s my progress today .

I’m not sure if the photo is blurry or my eyes are! I’ll try to get better pictures as I go. The shawl is so wide that I don’t have the ability to take a photo of the whole thing in one piece. It will be easier once it gets bigger.

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