I ran away from the big city on Friday and went down to my home-away-from-home St. Catharines to spend some time with good friends. The object of the weekend was to relax and that I did.

There are a ton of pictures in today’s post, so if you have a dial up, my apologies.

Lakeshore Pottery is my favourite pottery place. I can’t show you what I bought because they are Christmas gifts. But they sure are purdy!



Canadian Comfort Alpacas is a wonderful place to visit. A fantastic farm, friendly folks and an amazing store. It was all I could do not to bring home these babies! I did settle for some yummy roving and a new spindle. I really want to own one, but there’s the simple matter of $12K needed to purchase. Boarding isn’t expensive at all – close to $1 a day. Someday….in the meantime I can visit anytime I want and it’s a lot less to pay for a train ticket down. More pictures of the Alpacas can be found here.

Clancy is quite enamored with Bob The Alpaca that I brought home. So much so that I’m afraid she’s going to lick him bald!


After the Alpaca farm, we headed to Jordan where it was Pioneer Days

And I couldn’t have asked for a better end to the day

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8 thoughts on “Bob the Alpaca

  1. It was a wonderful weekend. I’m so glad we went to all those places. And now I want my own drop spindle. Cause it was fun! Why yes, I am whacked, thankyouverymuch for asking.

    Any time, woman, any time. And Bob can live here.

  2. Hi,

    I have dial-up at the moment – but this post is definitely worth the wait! Thanks for the great pictures 🙂

    Bye, Sanne

  3. I love all the pictures. The alpacas are just the cutest animals. I wish I had a place where I could own some. How long was the drive? I want to see pictures of the spindle you bought.

  4. Oh what a wonderful weekend my Lovely One !!! I felt I was there with you by looking at the pictures – although that sure made it less expensive for both of us by my presence vicariously. hahahaha
    Keep well, Hugs…..S>

  5. Thoee alpacas are tres charming. I love the one peeking out from under a serious brow! Wow.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip and weekend! good for you.

    If it counts for anything, I think you *deserve* an alpaca! 🙂

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