You’ve come a long way baby!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since my home-away-from-home opened.

I have very fond memories of painting and cleaning and stocking shelves (oh so many shelves!) and then the emergency lighting of candles to remove paint smells in a last minute bid to get the store open on time.

Jennifer and Miko have done something extraordinary with this fabulous purple space. The Purl is not just a yarn store. It is a sanctuary. And I am grateful that I have been allowed to come along for the crazy ride from conversations over beer when it was just in the planning stages, through to teaching and then to taking classes, and finally to taking my place in one of the comfy chairs on rainy Sunday afternoons.

From playing Yarn Tetris stocking shelves, to extreme crocheting of 6 ft snowflakes in a bid to celebrate their anniversary…we’ve done it all together with lots of hugs and a few tears along the way. What a ride it’s been! I can’t wait (although I am a bit afraid of what Miko will think up) to top this year’s projects….

Pre-Purl Pics:

To the full house that was there today. I kept looking around and saying “this is crazy!” And it was – in the most wonderful of ways.

And of course there were cupcakes – purple ones!

Congratulations Miko and Jennifer. I am very grateful that you’ve allowed me to join your wacky world – couldn’t imagine being without you now!

Although next year, let’s try not to kill me by crocheting something out of shedding plastic sheep ok?

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5 thoughts on “You’ve come a long way baby!

  1. Hi Jessie –

    It is being used in a calendar to raise money for Princess Margaret’s Hospital – it’s our cancer hospital. Since the people in it are store patrons and not models, plus the fact that they are not wearing clothing (but are covered with knitted hats or socks or a snowflake I can’t put it on the blog. It’s actually done very tastefully and my friends look amazing!

    So since I can’t reproduce the picture they took here, the best I can do is suggest you visit this post and you’ll get an idea of the scale of this extreme crocheting project.

  2. Can you let us know when the calendar is available? It would be good to support the charity and see the killer snowflake in its intended habitat 😀
    The store looks amazing. Very welcoming.

  3. and we love you too, my dear Enabler of the First Order! It is exactly you and yours that have made this shop what it is. and we are grateful.

    Calendars are available for pre-order now at The Purple Purl, by phone, email or in person. will let you know when I have it up on the website.

  4. Thank you for only getting me from behind in the pics *lol* (and the only reason I know it’s me is because I was wearing a *very* distinctive shirt that day ;))

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