They Came They Saw They Ate

Usually when I have the Kingston weekend with Janette and Peggy, it’s They Came, They Saw, They Shopped. However this year had a different dynamic – The CrochetDude (Drew in “real” life) joined us. He flew up from Houston on Thursday and was entertained by the Toronto Hookups ladies.   

We started with a Romni trip (d’uh)  where I promptly bought some Fleece Artist Kid/Silk that’s to die for. I can’t wait until next week when I take my Drop Spindle class there. Anyone got a sheep that needs sheering?

 We would have stayed longer, but the store was closing, so off our merry band went to my favourite Sushi place. I mean how can you go wrong with a Sushi Pizza – it’s two of my favourite foods combined into one! Oh and Saki – I love Saki!

The next morning Gisele escorted Drew and I to Union Station where we caught our train.

Drew had never had Tim Hortons or Timbits before (no, they are NOT Donut Holes Drew). I think he liked them

Now, this is the heavily edited piece, because What Happens in Kingston Stays in Kingston. That being said, I can give you an overview of the Events That Transpired. We were met in Kingston and escorted to Janette’s house where more eating took place. Then down to some serious knitting – Drew learned to turn his first heel! Woo Hoo!

 Presents were exchanged and Drew learned a lot of new Canadian phrases that I’m sure will confound and astound his Houstonian friends.

After introducing him to a time honoured Canadian tradition of afternoon Caesar’s (which went down wayyyyy to well), it was time for more food – Doug’s Fabulous Lasagna. Much wine was consumed and laughter rang through the night.

The next morning I taught a Tunisian class that I thought went well. I even had a friend of my parent’s show up – I hadn’t seen them for 30 years, so wow was it neat! Before the class we went to a neighbouring restaurant and Drew had his first poutine – I don’t think he knew what to expect, but the plate was clean when he was done!

Back home we went, and more Caesars were consumed. Then supper – Peggy’s World Famous Perogies, Salad, and some Greek food (I had too much wine, can’t remember details). I think more was done for bilateral relations than any government official could ever achieve.

The trip back was very sad for me as it will be a while before I see the Dude and Peggy and Janette again, but it sure was fun while it lasted!

I think this is my favourite photo of the whole trip. I have No Idea what I was talking about, but apparently I can’t talk without making funny faces and waving my arms around. The caption we came up with is “Hand over the yarn and no one gets hurt”….what do you think I was saying?

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