So cold my brain has frozen

So….14 in 2014 update.

I keep getting sidetracked by “oh shiny” and “OMFG IT’S HOW COLD?”

Which resulted in new socks being thrown on the needles, a new hat and a serious desire to twitch my nose and have the granny square done.

The socks are from my stockpile of Knit Picks Felici DK. I have *ahem* a bit of this from cyber Monday last year. By a bit, I mean close to 30 skeins.

This is a basic 56 stitch sock – nothing exciting about it. But it’s warm and that’s all that counts.




The hat I chose was Sixty Cables. I went down a size of needles on the brim and it’s still loose. Going to see if I can thread some  yarn through the edge and tighten it up. I also didn’t knit as long as she

Pattern: Sixty Cablessaid – I think I stopped at 7 inches.

Yarn: Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino Dream Multi-Color

Needle: 3.5mm






This week I’ve been working on a granny square afghan that I started last year. I used the variegated squares in another ghan, so just the light and dark green are left. I have 2 more balls of yarn to go through and then it’s done – however big that might make it. I have about 30 8.5″ squares done. Yarn is Red Heart. Another reason why it’s slogging along…not my favourite yarn.




Oh yeah – how cold is it?


Don’t ask. There are no words to describe a windchill of -45C/-49F. At least none I’m going to write down.

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