Snowflakes 2013

I “may” be addicted to crocheting snowflakes. Over the last few years it’s become harder and harder as my carpal tunnel progressed. I’m delighted to say that the surgery was so successful I’m back at it 🙂

We have a little challenge going on over making an avalanche of snowflakes. I’m off to a good start 🙂


Snowflakes 2013, a set on Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Snowflakes 2013

  1. Your snowflakes continue to be a most precious gift to me. I love them. A smile happens as I unwrap each one of them that you made. It is approaching my favourite time of year… The time when we adorn the shop window with your lovely creations. Hugs, and the best of wishes. Love Jenn.

    1. Thanks Brenda – now that my big Christmas project for my father (which I can’t show until after Christmas but if you check Ravelry it will soon be there) is done, I can make more flakes :-

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