Now where was I?

Between starting a new job and dealing with a family member with medical issues, it’s been awhile since I had the energy (or even the interest) in updating the blog. I’ve had a lot of startitis hit me, which is the norm when I’m stressed. My all time record is starting 9 projects in one day. You don’t even want to know what caused that.

I’ve basically been flitting through projects. Just touching the surface, and then wandering away, never landing. I watched a hummingbird on my deck the other day do this very thing and it became clear to me that that is what I was doing. So, I grounded myself and started again.

I started working on what I thought would be a fabulous design. Then I realized halfway through that I had missed an important piece of my design process and completely screwed it up. So, I visited the frog pond and started again.

Cooper and Angus have been playing Houdini lately. They’ve been escaping our patio to wander over to the neighbours. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, except I live in a stacked townhouse and they have to walk a balance beam about 30 ft in the air to do it. Capturing them back has been a bit of an adventure. I now know all of my neighbours as I had to beg them to let me through to capture the little bastards who were now happily sunning on their patios. They take turns tormenting me. I swear I hear them say “tag you’re it”. We have chicken wire up over the patio (it looks a bit like a gulag) and yet they still manage to get out. They’ve been grounded until we come up with another solution.

I had a great week with two of my nephews ending up in the city for a short period of time. It was good to reconnect with them and share a meal. I only see my family about once a year and I miss being a part of their lives. Facebook is a quick touchpoint, but to really find out what’s going on you have to spend time with someone.

August 28th, my family member will be going in for surgery that we hope is going to resolve the issue that’s been plaguing us for a year. Please send your thoughts and prayers – they’re all needed and appreciated.