News Alert: Being trendy is no longer on trend

Well, we’ve all heard it said that everything old is new again. (does that mean that I’m now 12? Because I could totally rock that now).

I mentioned to Cheffie that a friend of mine had taken a class in macramé because apparently it’s “on trend”. Note to old people: do not say trendy. The proper terminology is “on trend”. Whatever.


I looked on etsy to see what people were charging for plant holders and I was stunned at the prices they were charging. I used to crank those out for my mom like crazy when she had her green house. In fact, I hate to admit it, but I was making one when I heard Elvis died!

Somehow that discussion morphed into the possibility of making them for sale. I’m always open to “supplementary revenue streams”, and since the government won’t let me tax people, I have to actually work at getting more money instead of just waving magic wands. Don’t get me started about the government or I’ll pull up my pants and you know what comes next with old people….

So the Great Macrame Material Hunt began. Where is Woolco and the $1.44 Days when you need them? Materials have gotten quite spendy over the last 40 years! I finally found some jute at the dollar store just to see if I could remember how to do it (it’s been 40 years!). I may not remember where I put my keys, but the muscle memory was strong and I was able to remember how to do it. 

We went to Michaels and picked up some fancier stuff (thank goodness for the 50% off coupon) and some beads (Cheffie insists it’s not a proper hanger without beads). I’m thinking I might root around in my stash and find some bulky yarn to play with. I know I have some odd balls of Noro that I was given that I’ll never work up otherwise – those would be amazing pieces and I didn’t have to pay for them.

We’ll see how far a $30 investment goes. If nothing sells, I’ll have some nice plant hangers for my patio. 🙂