I officially have the attention span of a gnat

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to stop working on the other afghan come heck and high water, but that was yesterday. I just honestly don’t like it, so it’s like pulling teeth to work on it. I realized that Christmas was only 10 months ago (total rationalization here), so I went to Zellers and bought some yarn to start a ghan for my neice. I managed to make 58 centre rounds, and two whole squares of pattern A

and pattern B.

I also finished another quilted heart square for Heartmade Blessings.

I did so much this weekend that I think I had sparks flying off of my hooks!. Now I have to put down my hook and do some homework for school. (I’m taking a certificate in information management at University of Toronto.)

I’m usually the one that is distracted by the least thing that passes my way. No matter how passionate I am about a project, as soon as I start it, I’m bored. My favourite part of any project, knitted or crocheted, is the yarn shopping. I’m full of optimism, my gauge is on (no need for a swatch now is there?), I have the exact needle size I’ll need…and then I get the project home and reality sets in. What do you mean 8″ of ribbing – I didn’t see that in the instructions!

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