Today marked the celebration of the 2nd birthday of my home away from home, The Purple Purl. It’s been a whacky two years involving me crocheting a 6 ft snowflake that almost killed me by causing an allergic asthma attack, knitterly road trips (usually involving beverages of an adult nature) and way too much yarn.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just wander through this blog – most of the evidence is there for you to see. If you are in Toronto and haven’t been to visit, what the hell are you waiting for?

This is how it all started. Jennifer and I were having beverages of an adult nature (notice the common theme that runs through this blog) when she told me she was going to open a yarn store with Miko. I thought she was crazy but had had enough bevies to play along. Next thing I knew, I was put to work:

Stocking shelves before the store even opened. A Stashaholic in front of empty yarn shelves – The Horror!

Helping with the painting of the purpleness with the Queen of All Things Purple

The opening gala

This year brought a little KnitAlong with 68 knitters making the same sweater in all sizes and shapes (representative sample below)

And fast forward to today:

And in accordance with their birthday, purple yarn was on sale for 25% off. This may have followed me home:

7 balls x 250 yards – plenty for “something”

Two skeins of Foot Loose

The first two years have been quite a wild ride – I can’t wait to see what the Purl Girls cook up for the “Terrible Two’s!”



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  1. Sherri,
    Today’s blog entry was lovely. I really enjoyed seeing the ‘journey’ from your perspective. Carol.

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