What’s a poor stashaholic to do when her friend keeps posting pictures of a lush and verdant Houston. Especially when said stashaholic is stuck in 15 (count them 15) days in a row of -30C weather.

One gets subtle revenge against mother nature by dyeing yarn to match said photos. I got so excited and involved in the project that I forgot to take before pictures. I used an acid dye kit from Hello Yarn, some South African Top, and mixed and matched the blue and yellow dye until I got the green. I thought that it was going to be too dark, but when I drafted it, the colour separated and became exactly the green I’d envisioned.



While I love the colours, I wasn’t all that thrilled with my actual spinning effort – the singles kept breaking when I was plying them. I’m not sure if they were too thin, too underspun or what. I’ve ordered a scotch tension modification doohickey and some new bobbins. I’m hoping this will help with the tension a bit. The yarns I’ve spun thicker have no issues whatsoever, it’s just that I’m trying to get this as thin as I can. The final result was sportweight – 18 WPI.

Even if it wasn’t perfect, neither is Mother Nature. I just know that looking at this yarn makes me smile and hope that the Wiarton Willie was right and that spring is around the corner. It’s been a long 2 months!

So what have I decided to name this yarn (yes my compulsion to name everything is running amok again)….


What else could it ever be?

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6 thoughts on “Green with envy

  1. That looks great!!

    Congratulations on your new yarn. I’m a new spinner too and it’s so fun to see other’s handspun yarn.

  2. love the various shades of greens and yellows in that yarn, just like those in nature itself

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