Gardening time!

Victoria Day (May 2-4 to Canadians) is my favourite weekend. It means I get to have grubby hands and ruin my manicure.

Yup – garden time!

This year I planted a shite lode of hot peppers. Cheffie loves them, so I grow them for him. These are “take me to the hospital I’m dying” kinda hot.

Here is the veggie part of the garden. It’s not very big, but when you live in a townhouse in Toronto, you do what you can.


I have a part of the garden known as “the Darwin garden”. I just dumped a bunch of stuff there years ago on really bad soil. So it’s the survival of the fittest. Sedum and periwinkle (from mom’s garden) take over the damn thing and i have to keep cutting it back.


Today I tackle the back patio….and mainline Tylenol.