Whether as a result of spring fever, or a sincere desire to stimulate the
local economy, Pirk, Carol and I went on a yarn crawl yesterday.

As usual it started with “I don’t need anything, I’m just going along for the

That lasted until the first store.

After a bit of a detour (note to self – never ever trust Google Maps), we
found Serenity Knits in Newmarket.
Karen was sweet enough to open a few minutes early for us, and with Stitches,
(the 4 month old Sheltie who is their official greeter) captivating us all, we
knew we were off to a great start.

Stitches: Buy some yarn so mommy can give me more treats ok?

Never one to be able to refuse the power of the puppy, I did.

Fleece Artist Trail Socks (no colour listed on the band)

Then a hope skip and a few right hand turns later, we were off to
Unwind Yarn House.

This looks promising!

And it lived up to expectations. I may have bought enough baby llama
to make this shrug.

It may be 5 skeins of this. I am definitively on Kraft Dinner for the next
few months to pay for it but it is the absolute perfect PMS yarn. Soft, squishy
and so “spoil me I feel like crap today”.

I decided never was a picture more truthful. Here is Pirk against the perfect

The after a lovely lunch by the water at a local restaurant, we were off to
Mary’s Yarns.

I must admit by that point I was yarned out and completely forgot to take pictures inside. I had some things in my basket but ended up putting them back. I did buy a pump for my Eucalan bottles, so that made me happy.

I had a great day, laughed so much my sides hurt, and can’t wait to repeat.
If you hear we’re suddenly on sound economic footing again, you’ll know that the
three of us did our patriotic duty. We accept thank you payment in yarn and

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  1. Hi Sherri, I’m so glad you made it to my part of the world..Unwind Yarn Shop in particular. I’m only sorry I didn’t know you were going to be in my back yard..I would have joined in the fun!

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