In which the Stashaholic becomes a wanton woman

I have been working a lot of overtime lately so after putting in a few hours today I headed down to The Purple Purl for some wanton stash enhancement. And I totally succeeded. I finished work around 12 then stopped at The Bay¬†(department store) and bought a Swiss Army rolling case that fits my spinning¬†wheel perfectly. I’ll post pics next time I pack L2 up for the road (likely Tuesday for Knit Night at the Purple Purl). My good friend Terry made me a case for L1, and I do use it for L2, but honestly, holding an extra 12 lbs on my back and trudging through snow and crowded subways isn’t fun. It’s a great case for the car, just not for subways.

I spent most of the day spinning some laceweight Polworth I’m trying to finish up. I have about another 30 minutes of spinning to do and then I’m good to ply.

I decided to take a shortcut to instant gratification and buy some “premade” yarn. Oh how much easier this is!

Malabrigo Laceweight Tortuga – destined to be Juno Regina. My Mystery Stole lays abandoned in a puddle in the “lost interest” pile, so hopefully I can work this one through – it’s much more complicated than any other pattern I’ve ever done.

I’ve picked up the Aldcroft Angoras yarn and put it down at least 6 times. At one point I calculated that if I bought enough to make a certain design I had in mind it would be a $210 scarf. Ahem. Not On My Budget. Instead I bought two hanks – enough to make lovely fluffy mittens for the dead of winter.

I really can’t describe how lovely and soft this wool is – and the pictures totally don’t do it justice. It is 75% mohair and 25% wool. The halo is something that would make angels weep.

By the way, I did finish my Malabrigo mittens and by some freak of nature, managed to make the reknit one the exact same size as the first one. They are lovely and soft, but because they are a single ply, tend to pill and fuzz. I don’t know if they’ll be warm enough for the dead of winter, but by the time I need to find that out, I’m hoping to have the mohair ones done.

Clancy’s favourite part of course was the bag Oh to have such inexpensive pleasures!


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