Silhouette of a black cat with it's paw on a purple ball of yarn. The text 'Adventures of a Stashaholic' is in green and purple

I lost my best friend

This was a horrible weekend for me. My beloved cat Reiley passed away on Sunday. She was breathing strangely on Saturday and I rushed her to the vet. She was diagnosed with cancer and her lungs were congested. She didn’t have any chance of survival. I brought her home so that I could comfort her […]

Welcome to the Adventure

Welcome to my blog. I’m known as Stashaholic for a reason. I have 6 huge Rubbermaid containers of yarn, three of crochet thread, plus untold green garbage bags in my locker (I stopped counting at six). I learned to be a Stashaholic at an early age. My mom and I would hit $1.44 day at […]