Stash bustin’

I’ve been doing some stash busting lately – time to cull the herd as you will. So may pretties to choose from that it’s hard to settle sometimes. So I’ve started a lot, alternating between crocheting, knitting and spinning as my hands decide what doesn’t hurt that day.

A few projects are nearing the finish line, a few just started, and some marinating waiting for their turn.

This is one I did manage to finish. Angus was quite taken with it as you see. He was a great “help” as usual when it was blocking.

Pattern: Seems like old times
Hook: 4.0mm
Yarn: Berroco Folio
Mods: I didn’t want to do the edging as specified, so I just finished off with two rows of sc and then one of reverse sc.


This blend of merino, camel and sari silk was started, but I wasn’t feeling the love, so I gave it to my friend Pirkko for her freeform challenge. We jokingly call these my “mistakes” and they’re perfect for her freeform work.


I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the wheel, which is something I find myself doing when I need downtime. I’ve been very stressed lately, and the repetitive motion just calms me down. I’m working away on Minute’s fleece and I’m about 1/2 way through I think. She’s spinning up into a lively 3 ply yarn. I would have gotten more yardage with a two ply, but I love the way the three ply is looking.



I might end up working her brother into the same so I can knit something with both of them combined. So far I’m still faffing about with his fleece on a spindle, getting to know it.