Welcoming a New Clan Member

We welcomed a new clan member this weekend. Wee tiny Angus is 12 weeks old and 3 pound of black fuzz and purr. He’s overly fond of cuddling, keyboards and eyelashes (yes he’s freaked out by them and has to investigate when you’re laying down). Cheffie named him, and although he says he’s “Black Angus”, I suspect it’s more after his great-great uncle, Angus L MacDonald.

We’ve had a few encounters with the spray bottle to remind him that he’s not allowed to eat wool, but on the whole he’s (still) on his best behaviour.


Cooper is being very good. But at moment, he’s is like the 4 year old faced with a new sibling.

“send it back”. “wtf” “dumbass”…I swear I’ve heard all three come from his mouth since yesterday….accompanied with a swat to Angus’s head.


cooper and Angus


“really? It’s staying?” 


2 thoughts on “Welcoming a New Clan Member

  1. He is sooo cute!.. Where did you get him?.. I know you were waiting for a Maine Coon… I am very happy for all of you…

    1. We decided to go with a stray because the budget just couldn’t justify a full breed cat and all of my other cats have been rescues and they’ve been great cats. I wasn’t intending to pick one up as quickly, but he stole my heart. 🙂 I got him at Petsmart and they host the Toronto Animal Services adoptions.

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