No Sew Quilted Ornaments – my newest obsession

I’ll admit it – I was a home economics class failure. Sewing has never been my thing, and after a traumatic experience sewing a rayon polka dot dress with a peplum (hello, it was 1985 – cut me some slack!) that turned into a night-before-it’s-due disaster (apparently you need to wash fabric before you sew with it or it falls apart when you wash it – who knew?), I backed away from sewing and never looked back.

Somehow I managed to put that aside and dive back in to the fabric world. I still can’t sew, but I can stick in pins. Quilted ornaments quickly became an obsession that has completely taken over my life. I love being able to combine fabrics and colours and ribbons into pretty bobbles. I’m working on some new designs so stay tuned!

Three fabric ornaments with sparkly ribbon.

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