They Came They Saw They Ate

Usually when I have the Kingston weekend with Janette and Peggy, it’s They Came, They Saw, They Shopped. However this year had a different dynamic – The CrochetDude (Drew in “real” life) joined us. He flew up from Houston on Thursday and was entertained by the Toronto Hookups ladies.    We started with a RomniRead more

HMB Rocks

Heartmade Blessings is the coolest organization on the earth. With a volunteer squad of around 100 active members (although there are over 200 listed), we have managed to do the following.   2001-2002 we did 886 ghans (according to the website) 2003 we did 971 2004 we did 1,000 Nov 29, 2004 -Feb 13, 2006,Read more

Road Trip!

My good friend Pirkko (in the orange sweater) and I made a trek through the snow today to Lens Mills in Cambridge. It was snowing quite heavily en route, and despite a few wrong turns (as is the tradition when we go there), Pirkko’s wonderful husband Hector navigated beautifully while Pirkko and I nattered onRead more

What a skinny ass tree!

Well I think this is the smallest skinniest tree that The Boy and I have ever  gotten. Of course, compared to the year where we couldn’t use one doorway in the apartment because the tree was so freaking fat, anything looks skinny! But seriously, my tree is anorexic. Which I guess is OK, because thereRead more