Canada Day Ramblings

Warning: Lots of pictures below! I’m a couple of days late with my Canada Day post, but it took that long to get the energy to unpack and upload after the wonderful weekend I had! I am a Niagara College Graduate (class of 19XX) from the Radio Television and Film program (that and $4.25 willRead more

Now that’s customer service

As you know, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Nova Scotia’s Fleece Artist, and more recently Hand Maiden (a mom and daughter operation). They simply have the best, most scrumptious yarn. I have probably bought 20 hanks of it over the last year or two. I most recently bought a mitten kit that IRead more

No Thanks, I’m Full

I am a dyed in the wool Stashaholic (pardon the pun)…let there be no mistake about it. This is why my recent experience left me feeling a bit off. So much so that today’s post is a bit of “navel gazing”. As those in Canada know, our LYS Lewiscraft is going out of business inRead more