Day 4 – The 7 inch itch

Well, I’ve reached 7″ on the shawl. Similar to the seven year itch, I’m starting to gaze longingly at the other projects languising in my WIP pile. Soon little buddies, I’ll be back to you. In the meantime, here’s the status. It’s actually starting to look like a shawl and the rows seem to beRead more

Day 2 of the Shawl Project

Phew! This sucker is going to take the full month I fear. Wee tiny yarn, plus an inability to concentrate on my part leads to much frogging! I had to rip out two entire rows. Normally this isn’t a problem, but when you consider that the foundation row had 354 chains and I’m using aRead more

Mother-In-Law to the Rescue

My Daughter-In-Law asked me last night if I had a shawl she could borrow for a wedding. I didn’t have the right colour one, so I volunteered (as a really early Christmas present) to make her one. Then I found out it was for a formal wedding. In June. Less than a month away. InRead more