Meet Annabelle

As you know, I support Heartmade Blessings in their aim to provide people going through tough times with comfortghans. I was recently named the “Canadian Cub” which means that I’m responsible for doing bearghans for children under the age of 5 who live in Canada (although I also can do those in the States). IRead more

Stash Bustin’

I really wish I knew what these two yarn are, but I bought them a few years ago and in my zealous urge to use my new wool winder, didn’t bother to keep the ball bands. They sat in my stash trying to figure out what to be. Finally, I came across this pattern andRead more


Apparently watching a hockey game between Canada and Russia where it’s 5-4 in the dying minutes is not conducive to crocheting. I finished the entire shawl, feeling very proud of myself for finishing way ahead of schedule. I laid it down to take a picture…wait a minute, why does that side come in sharply –Read more