And the wheel turns

I haven’t forgotten about you my fellow stashaholics. I have been working through some very difficult things in my personal life. Someone who is very close to me, (who will remain anonymous at this point to respect their privacy) has been hospitalized for congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation and we are working through what this means in the grand scheme of things. It has been a time where I needed to withdraw and only fulfill those obligations such as work and teaching that I had already committed to before this craziness descended on our lives.

I have also started a new job. After 10 years in the same department, it became clear that it was necessary to move on to continue to grow in my career. I am very happy with my move and the people I’m working with now do truly seem to care about each other and are very collaborative. The pace is dramatically different than my old team….Where before I would have on average 2 meetings a month there, in this new team, I have 4-5 per day. So when I get home, I’m tired, cranky, and just about done in.

My fibre productivity has tanked as a result. One good thing was that while sitting at the bedside in the hospital, I was able to get a project completed for a class I was teaching. I’m trying not to add more stress to my life by pushing myself to finish anything. Stockinette stitch is my friend right now. Anything more complicated will just have to wait until things settle down.

In the meantime, prayers, good thoughts, healing energy for the unnamed person are much appreciated. The Universe knows who they are and will direct them accordingly.


2 thoughts on “And the wheel turns

  1. Prayers for your loved one. Stay strong and return to your projects when you can. That is the wonderful thing about our craft: yarn doesn’t go bad! It waits patiently for as long as we need it to. Blessings of comfort for you.

    1. Thank you for your prayers Genevieve. I love the yarn and fibre has no expiration date. I also love that when the mood strikes me (sometimes at 2am when I can’t sleep from all the thoughts in my head), that I can walk into the resource room, dig through some bins and come up with magical yarn/fibre to sooth my soul. Sometimes I cast it on, sometimes I just need to pet it like a security blanket.

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